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Below is a collection of virtual experts you can talk to. They offer lectures, tests, stories, and advice through an interactive exchange (i.e., answering impromptu questions).

Vera Simms
About exClone

Talk to Vera about exClone products, business, and technology as a new guest. She will take your messages to pass on to exClone team.

Linda Zopov
Global Warming
Take the lecture on the basics of global warming. She examines your knowledge with a fun quizz. Linda can also give you tips on renewable energy investments.

Dr. Maya
Emergency Contraception and STIs

Dr. Maya is available 24/7 for an anonymous conversation about the intimate details of contraception.

Riza Berkan
Nuclear Lectures

Take the crash course on the basics of nuclear physics. In 30 minutes, you will learn a lot through this interactive lecture.

Pinto Studios
Van Gogh Flower Paintings

Pinto will show you a selected set of flower paintings Van Gogh painted during a period in his life.

(Coming Soon)

Dr. Elly Lewis
Pregnancy and Childbirth

You can talk to Dr. Lewis' virtual expert about pregnancy issues 24/7, at any length.

(Coming Soon)

Xsu Wang
Virtual Currency Regulations

Banking expert Xsu Wang gives lectures on laws and regulations mandating cryptocurrency and fraud detection.

(Coming Soon)

Dr. Daniel King
Fertility Specialist

Dr. King has some lectures for couples who are going through fertility problems.

(Coming Soon)

Bill Mahony
Risk Assessment

Mathematician Bill Mahony presents risk assessment principles and working examples in this podcast style lecture series.

(Coming Soon)

Jim Gordon
Cold War History

Interesting historical stories about spies and cold war events are included as interactive podcasts where you can ask questions.

(Coming Soon)