No coding, No Data, No AI Experience

Create Virtual Experts by EDITORIAL EFFORT only.
No other experience or skill set required.

Affordable: Due to its simplicity, costs are minimum
Instant: No long training cycles
Simple: No data set requirements beyond content
Easy: Editorial effort only to deploy and maintain
Transparent: Easy to modify and update
Traceable: Full reporting & conversational analytics
Cooperative: Switch to human operators if needed

    This is where your project starts

    Your project starts with content curation about the expertise. This can be straight from enterprise documents (MS Word, PDF). We work with you setting up your project account and initiate the project.

Your Steps

  • Request a demo.
  • We will create your account and give you a tour
  • Identify the different Virtual Experts for each expertise
  • Curate content (Word/Pdf Documents) that represent the expertise
  • Decide on a conversation template (such as Agent, Assistant, etc.)
  • Select persona and character choices
  • Identify and prepare resources for acronyms and particular lingo
  • Create a list of benchmark questions for testing each Virtual Expert
  • Repeat the process for each defined Virtual Expert
  • Deliver the content to exClone

  • Our Steps

  • Review your inputs for the system
  • Process documents and load into the platform
  • Boost NLP functionality
  • Expand default ontology for your topic of expertise
  • Add special functions if necessary
  • Publish and test the Virtual Experts
  • Train your personnel to take over the maintenance and updates
  • Resolve any issues during the life-time of your Virtual Experts

  • Platform Features

    Basic platform features include the following:

  • Persona creation with images and videos
  • Dialogue template selection in accordance with the objective
  • Announcement insertion any time
  • Content editor, allowing definitions of topics and subtopics
  • Adding images and videos as part of the content
  • Entering Q&As that are outside the scope of the content entered
  • Selecting dialogue behavior attributes
  • Testing incrementally at every step of the development
  • Monitoring operations via reporting option
  • Ability to switch to live human agents

  • Advanced functions (exClone participation)

  • Boosting language detection
  • Ontology development/installation for better NLP
  • Custom templates via CHATMATRIX programming language
  • Hook to databases and RSS feeds for automated content
  • Document drop/conversion capability
  • Controlled spell checker
  • Special dialogue functions
  • Integration to other platforms

  • Reporting

    Complete usage analytics, including self-detected performance (awareness) and tips for improvement.