Virtual Experts

★ Clone your EXPERTS
★ Bring your DOCUMENTS into life
★ Preserve & activate your KNOWLEDGE
★ Launch VOICE assistants via Apps
★ Crowdfunding

Virtual Doctors

★ Improving Healthcare
★ Replicating Doctors' Knowledge
★ 24/7 Available and Anonymous
★ Interactive Podcasts
★ Connect to Physicians
★ Starting from Women's Health
VOCTOR Website

Virtual Managers

★ Help Desk & Tech Support
★ Information Search
★ Training & Maintenance Support
★ Sales & Marketing
★ Onboarding
★ Recruitment
★ Human Resources
★ Management & Compliance

Virtual Assistants

Born From Your Documents

★ Explore the EXPERTISE that resides in “source of truth” documents
★ Convert documents (Word, PDF, etc.) into virtual experts
★ Launch Enterprise APP full of Virtual Experts
★ Disseminate knowledge across your sphere
★ Serve your clients, educate your visitors, help your workers

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Practical AI: Cost Effective, Fast, and Non-burdening

★ World's first Expert Cloning technology
★ A new Machine Learning method (Instant Learning)
★ Ontological Natural Language Processing
★ Human Dialogue Theory
★ Human-like dialogue, accurate answers

Teach On-The-Fly

After deployed, Virtual Experts can be trained further

★ Teaching on-the-fly by designated teachers
★ Organic growth of knowledge by selected contributors
★ Modify answers without redeployment


Simple: No coding, No data set requirements
Easy: Editorial effort only to deploy and maintain
Affordable: Due to its simplicity, costs are minimum
Instant: No long training cycles
Transparent: Easy to modify and update
Traceable: Full reporting & conversational analytics
Cooperative: Switch to human operators if needed

Use Cases

Product Validated in Various Industries

Virtual Experts are the new competitive advantage.
Enterprises are quickly improving their bottom line.
Several use cases are available for review.

Ecosystem of Virtual Experts

This is the "YouTube of Virtual Experts" accessible to anyone in the world.

★ Add a Virtual Expert to your outreach strategy
★ Join our ecosystem to monetize your knowledge
★ Promote your products and services across the world
★ Launch Q&A Advertisements

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Use Apps to experience the full effect (voice like Siri or Alexa).