What is Cloning?

A biological term for duplicating life is used here as "digital cloning" that refers to duplication of human knowledge and persona through an automated conversational AI system.

What is a Virtual Expert?

A virtual expert is a conversational agent (computer) that has embedded knowledge in one particular subject, and can converse about it. Virtual experts are much more sophisticated than Messenger chatbots, voice assistants, and other bots. Compared to Siri, for example, a virtual expert can talk about a particular health topic (like Diabetes), based on its embedded knowledge whereas Siri will not respond other than pointing to search results from Google.

What is Expertise?

The expertise embedded in a virtual expert can be any knowledge ranging from a salesman's portfolio of products to a help-desk operator's documents. The expertise is defined as the "knowledge" domain of its creator(s) curated for conversations through an exClone.

What do We Offer?

We help you build virtual experts for your business. Virtual experts help people in particular expertise (in medical, legal, finance, business and other fields) by engaging them with human-like dialogue. Virtual experts can augment enterprise search, CRM, and help desk systems. Professional virtual experts such as virtual doctors, virtual lawyers, and other virtual advisors allow monetization of expertise and knowledge, defining a new paradigm.

Why Should you have Virtual Experts?

exClone technology helps scale up any business that involves conversation with clients (externally) and employees (internally). Using virtual experts can reduce costs and increase the communication bandwidth. A virtual expert can converse with 1,000s of people simultaneously answering up to 90% of the questions related to your business.

Can you Turn Documents into Virtual Experts?

Yes. Any document (manuals, regulations, brochures, training material, etc.) can be turned into a virtual expert. Instead of surfing through the dozens (if not more) document on a mobile device, a virtual expert can offer a much easier interaction by answering questions directly, and guiding the user to critical information via few actions.

How to Create a Virtual Expert?

We create and launch virtual experts from your source documents via our cloning platform. Once set up, we train your IT personnel to expand, maintain, modify, and integrate the virtual experts going forward. Therefore, exClone is a turn-key solution. Using our platform, no programming (coding), or no AI experience are required.

How does it Compare to other Chatbot Development Platforms?

Most chatbot development platforms require programming (coding) effort and need constant attention of your IT workers. exClone's Platform only requires editorial effort and can be developed/operated without such a burden. In addition, exClone systems can learn instantly from conversations after deployment, allowing organic growth of knowledge and instant modification.

How Much Data Does it Require?

None. exClone's machine learning technology and ontological NLP do not require any corpus (data). It learns from source documents, similar to how a human being reads books and learns the subject.

Does exClone use Deep Learning?

No. exClone's machine learning technology is not data-driven, it is knowledge-driven, and is called Instant Learning. It emulates the human cognitive process of learning by reading.

Is Virtual Expert as Good as Human?

A virtual expert is better than humans in many aspects and worse in others. It is better because (1) it can chat with thousands of people simultaneously, (2) it can hold vast amount of knowledge in its memory, (3) it never gets tired, and (4) it is consistent at all times. However, an exClone is not as good as human when it comes to talking about subjects outside its knowledge. A virtual expert may replace 90% of human actions, relieving human operators only to focus on 10% of the issues.

Can Virtual Expert work in Tandem with Human Operators?

Yes. The Cloning Platform also allows human operators to take over conversations real-time.

How can you Integrate an Virtual Expert into your System?

All virtual experts are API based. We can integrate exClone into any Website, Mobile App, or any other device.

Can you Launch your Virtual Expert as an App?

A separate App (IOS/Android) will be created for your enterprise by our company via licensing. However, virtual experts are responsive designs and work on Web browsers.

What are the Cost and Fees?

Cost and fees depend on usage, licensing terms, and consultancy based on each project. Please contact us for more information.

Can a Virtual Expert pass the Turing Test?

Turing test is applicable only to chatbots that do not contain any particular knowledge/expertise. The test measures the fooling ability (between human and computer) within a few minutes trial only dealing with mundane speech. Therefore, exClones are not testable in this manner. The testing of exClones are regularly conducted via Engagement Tests which measures the length of conversation between the user and exClone in talking about a particular topic. Longer engagement means higher success.

How do you Control what your Virtual Expert Says?

The Cloning Platform allows the creator to control every function and language of virtual experts.

Is exClone an Artificial Intelligence Product?

Yes. exClone technology is centered around a proprietary machine learning and NLP methods, and falls under the central dogma of artificial intelligence category.

Does exClone use Machine Learning?

Yes. exClone has developed a knowledge-driven machine learning technology, called "Instant Learning". It is different than data-driven machine learning, such as deep learning, which requires availability of vast amount of data and long training cycles.