Virtual Experts &
Conversational AI

Replicate human EXPERTS.
SERVE thousands of employees and clients.
Provide them with QUALITY ANSWERS.

Virtual Experts for Enterprise

We help enterprises elevate the usefulness of their knowledge and expertise by deploying virtual experts.

Help Desk, Human Resources, Enterprise Search, Training, Recruitment, Onboarding, Sales, and more.

★ Replicate your experts by capturing their knowledge and expertise.
★ Eliminate human cost by handling 90% of information tasks.
★ Elevate your organization's knowledge assets.
★ Maximize the usefulness of your knowledge.

Virtual Experts
Born From Your Documents

★ Convert documents (MS Word, PDF) into bots.
★ Launch Virtual Experts for your enterprise.
★ Disseminate knowledge across your organization.
★ Serve your clients, educate your visitors.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

★ Proprietary machine learning technology (Instant Learning).
★ Ontological Natural Language Processing.
★ Human Dialogue Theory.
★ Human-like dialogue performance.
★ Accurate answering capability.

Teach On-The-Fly

After deployed, Virtual Experts can be trained further.

★ Teaching on-the-fly by designated teachers.
★ Organic growth of knowledge by selected contributors.
★ Modify answers without redeployment.


No Coding, No AI Experience Required

Create Virtual Experts by editorial effort only.
No other experience or skill set required.
★ No long training cycles.
★ No data set requirements beyond content.
Full reporting & conversational analytics.
Switch to human operators.

Ecosystem of Virtual Experts

★ Add a Virtual Expert to your outreach strategy.
★ Join our ecosystem to monetize your knowledge.
★ Promote your products and services across the world.
★ Launch Q&A Advertisements

Use Cases

Virtual Experts are the new competitive advantage.
Enterprises are quickly improving their bottom line.
Several use cases are available for review.