Our main product is the Cloning Platform. You can create chatbots by editorial effort (no coding required). The platform comes with examples. You can chat with them on the spot. You can download some of the examples and inspect how they were developed. Click here for a 30 day free trial (no credit card required).


During the free trial period, you can ACTIVATE your account to convert from TRIAL status to CLIENT status. You can chose the most suitable account type at that time. You can create a number of chatbots under one account. All fees and costs are per account.


Using the platform, there are several chatbot types (dialogue templates) you can use for your objective.

Employee Assistant Chatbot

This template allows you to build an employee assistant to help workers with employee benefits, health insurance coverage, training materials, maintenance support, compliance, and with many other content rich matters.

Agent Chatbot

You can create chatbots for your external operations to perform duties such as sales agents, spokespersons, help desk operators, recruiters, and many others that can chat with online visitors and customers.

Executive Chatbot

You can create a chatbot of yourself as a CEO, CTO, or any other managerial role to talk about your vision, ideas, goals, and all other topics you would like to share with your employees or with the external world. You can create chatbots for your practice, your store, or your small business using this template.

Other Chatbots

Depending on your account type, there are a number of other templates that will be available on your account.

Working in Tandem with Human Operator

The platform allows transition from exClone to human agent. Human agents can monitor ongoing chat sessions between the visitors and exClone to make a take-over decision. The system warns the human agent via SMS for the availability of visitors to chat.

Reporting Conversation Logs

The platform offers a reporting option where all the sessions can be viewed, and conversational analytics can be accessed.

Why exClone is the Most Advanced Chatbot?

  • AI Technology: exClone uses the most advanced, proprietary machine learning and NLP algorithms.
  • Automation: The creation of chatbots is reduced to an editorial effort without any coding.
  • Infinite Conversation: The number of exchanges an exClone chatbot can make is infinite. It is not restricted with the number of instances entered as seen in some other platforms.
  • Short-Term Memory: exClone chatbots have a short term memory, remember the topic of discussion, and recognize when the topic is changed.
  • Long-Term Memory: exClone chatbots remember repeating visitations and have the capability to change the dialogue flow accordingly.
  • Active Speech: exClone chatbots are able to ask questions and present options to follow.
  • Direct Answers: At any given point, exClone chatbots can answer questions if relevant material is embedded in the system.
  • Forming Opinions: Chatbot using the advisory template ask multiple questions to the user to diagnose the best matching case and talk about that case.
  • Emotions: exClone chatbots detect the user’s mood via several detection functions and may change its dialogue flow accordingly.
  • Awareness: At the end of a chat session, exClone chatbots can assess how well the conversation went, thus will provide feedback to its creator.

Click here for a 30 day free trial (no credit card required).

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