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exClone Inc., was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 2014, and is currently operating in Manhattan, New York. The company holds patent pending technology and is focused on live chat, helpdesk, tech support, and online training markets.


It is only a matter of time that talking computers (chatbots) will reach a sophistication level to that of human operators. In this irreversable technological evolution, the key component is being able to talk intelligently about a particular knowledge and expertise (such as finance, politics, travel, etc.) with a human-like persona. Our vision is to deliver one of the pioneering examples of such advanced chatbots with embedded expertise and persona.

Digitally replicating an expert, hence the name (ex)Clone, is the path to higher level of engagements between human and computer. The same vision was introduced in movies like Star Trek, and continues to capture the imagination of audiences in recent movies like Her and Transcendence. Our vision is to be a leader in this technological evolution.


Alan Young

Alan Young

Chief Executive Officer

Alan is a seasoned software executive with extensive experience in the enterprise software and services industry and a track record of successful development of multi-site, multi-country operations and strategies, profitable client and partner relationships, and offshore and international business ventures. Most recently, Alan was Chief Technology Officer for the Global Innovation Software Labs (GISL) at PricewaterHouse Coopers, Inc., where he was responsible for overseeing the strategic, tactical, and actionable aspects of the end-to-end lifecycle of a new software-based business. Prior to PwC, Alan was Chief Product Officer at ANCILE Solutions and has also served in similar executive-level roles at Progress Software, BEA Systems (Oracle), and CA Technologies. He holds an MBA from Boston University, a BS in Computer Science from The University of Texas, El Paso, and a portfolio of patents across various vertical areas in the enterprise software space.

Riza Berkan

Riza C. Berkan, Ph.D

Founder, President, Project Scientist

Founder of The exClone project, Dr. Berkan is a nuclear scientist by training with a specialization in artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic. He is the author the book Fuzzy Systems Design Principles published by IEEE, and published over 100 scientific articles on artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and semantics. Dr. Berkan has a decade of experience in semantic search technologies and startups like AnswerChase, hakia, and MoodTrade. He was nominated in the Executive Council of New York’s TEN Awards for Best “Up and Comer”, a prestigious award honoring the best senior executives in New York City, in 2009.

Oguz Akgungor

Oguz Akgungor

Co-founder, Application Software Architect

Oguz Akgungor is the application software architect of exClone. He has previously built software systems for credit card automation, and natural gas field operations automations. He has also worked on the Yahoo! Store. Oguz was system developer at hakia for 6 years between 2006 and 2012. Oguz holds a BS degree in Mathematics from Bogazici University, and an M.S. degree in Education Science from Yildiz Teknik University in Istanbul, Turkey. He resides in New York.

David R. Kuhn

David R. Kuhn, ESQ.

Chairman, General Counsel

David graduated from Harvard in 1989 after achieving academic and athletic awards, as well as playing quarterback for the Ivy League Championship football team in 1987. His career spans being a litigation attorney in NYC, business executive, professional photographer, film producer, and war journalist. He practiced law in Manhattan Supreme Court for 10 years as a criminal defense litigator, and has gone on to serve as counsel for various start-up businesses, events and organizations handling finance, formation, contracts and negotiations. As a journalist, he has been published in Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New York Times, and numerous online publications. His images were published in a Time-Life book about the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001, and he recently embedded at Combat Outpost Boris on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with the 172nd Infantry, the Blackhawks. He is currently COO of RTG, LLC., and serves as general counsel for Charlotte Street Films, The Eisenhower Project, and exClone, Inc., while also representing select individual clients from his base in New York City.

Neil Mosberg

Neil Mosberg

Advisory Board, Branding and Celebrity Markets

Neil Mossberg has been in charge of business development for his family’s company, World Marketing, since 2000. Neil initially started his career in the fashion world in 1992 as an assistant buyer with The Doneger Group, a leading analyst of global trends and merchandising strategies for the retail and fashion industry. Neil’s successful market analysis and brand strategy was noticeable within the group and, at age 21, he became a men’s buyer for the Urban Outfitters Group in 1993. Neil left Urban Outfitters to become Creative Director of the national retailer County Seat, where he successfully managed all brand acquisition, product planning and marketing for County Seat’s 600 stores nationwide generating sales in excess of $500 million. He also began to work with young entrepreneurs seeking to launch their own lines. As a consultant and brand specialist, Neil worked to launch the hugely successful Alloy catalog, was fashion editor of Urban Latino Magazine and has consulted for companies such as the Limited corp., RJ Reynolds and several of NY’s larger nightlife corps. These efforts caused DNR, the fashion industry standard for news, to name Neil a “fashion young gun” in 1998. Later, Neil went on and joined World Marketing full time helping his father to successfully run the family business. His achievements were not unnoticed when he was highlighted in Impact Magazine as one of this new century’s “power players” in the fashion and marketing world.

His current clients include Steve Harvey and Frank151.com.

Steve Ardire

Steve Ardire

Advisory Board, Strategic Partners

Software startup advisor with #AI #machineintelligence, #cognitivecomputing focus. Working with 40 startups over past 20 years, Steve shapes serendipity by interrogating reality to connect and illuminate the dots that matter to generate competitive business strategy with clarity, conviction, passion to drive business model to success.

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